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Wheely At Didi Games:

Meet Wheely, a ruthlessly small vehicle on a mission. Slide locks, switches, and keys to help Wheely get as far as possible from each dimension.

Use the mouse to push the locks, shifts, and keys to help Wheely as far as possible from each dimension.

Like its spin-offs, Wheely Wheely 7 … 4 Wheely Wheely 3 and 2 Wheely is a vehicle that leads to fun in promoting a cute red vehicle (or another color) in his mission. For Wheely, you like and need information on arranging entertainment, a note to see our article on renderings of Wheely.

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This is an energy point and fun experience that you can play at Didigames.org directly in your program. It has been played several times and has achieved a rating of 8.5 out of 10 with 16,547 votes. This highly addictive fun is controlled by Flash’s innovation so it works easily in many applications.


Here is a Wheely ready to explode!

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Wheely is a bit miserable because no one needs to catch him. Help this lovely little car away from the showroom and become the pilot of cool at this point and catch the fun of the experience. Look for the suggestions in each dimension or tap on stone capture in the possibility that it stops. Mouse = Action

Wheely, a taxi driver in the lowest positions in the community, faces a daunting task of saving his lady’s imagination from a giant 18-wheeler that is the driving force of a union vehicle accessory at rest. Wheely is a fun critical thinking fun for kids, everything is the same. The goal is to drive Wheely through several dimensions, avoiding various problems. This confused cause will keep the children alert!

The Wheely Deviation Agreement is about a small vehicle distribution that meets a wide range of businesses. From time to time things don’t go as Wheely needs it, so it has drawbacks. It is up to you to understand these circumstances so that Wheely can accomplish her goal. For example, participating in a race that runs errands for your better half or over time, try to illuminate the circumstances and you can expect to get three stars for each dimension. Reflect on how to solve the puzzles in Wheely and try to go beyond what many would consider possible in all parts of Wheely available. You can play every Wheely entertainment for nothing on the internet, so you should only emphasize the understanding of the issues.