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Treasure Seas Incorporated:

Welcome to Treasure Seas Incorporated

Treasure Seas Inc. Only a few individuals realize that the oceans have more fortunes than the earth. At the moment you know that too. Immerse yourself in your submarine, fortunately. Motivate wealth money to buy a better sub. Proceed to the gold gradually. Only a few people realize that the oceans are likely to have more fortunes than the land. At the moment you know that too. Welcome to Treasure Seas Inc.

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Have you at one point reflected on the final result of all the glitter that all feelings of direction in the Bermuda triangle lose? Think no more! Fortune Seas Inc. is a company that benefits from looting the submerged caves on a remote archipelago. Made by Felix Wiesner, this detour will make them drive a cruise, immerse a submarine and seek happiness. Fortune buys redesigns that allow further investigation. It looks like Metroid at the water park!

Move with the [arrow] keys, send and add the subcommittee again with the [spacebar]. Fortune Seas [A] key is activity capture, with which you can get treasures, buy things and make menu provisions. Your bottom has both oxygen, both battery management and a great resistance to the water’s weight. When you run out of oxygen, you start to drown, which will cost you a real existence if you don’t come out quickly. By not having enough energy, he asks him to press the [S] and [D] keys again as he paddles. A large amount of water weight will destroy the submarine, which will cost you a real existence. Are you thinking of what happens when a shark catches you?
Research: This fun is a lot of fun, cleanliness and mastery. The best part is that it gives a strong sense of research that is a decent start from the overthrow of the scene, which depends on a similar dynamic. Adjusting the weight of the plates, the oxygen stores and the battery supply when choosing what to buy makes the upgrade a particular vital point. The absence of an unmistakable final detour is to some extent disappointing; Basically, you take all the wealth you can and strive to get a high score (estimated in gold). The reason for limited/limited life is somewhat troublesome, has three lives that can never be replaced once lost and a single reserve point. Life fills up as a cushion against confusion that resembles a deep venture that overrides your oxygen tanks, but eventually, you return to the reserve point all the time. Perhaps making an extra point in each final city would have been gradually exquisite.

This is a cousin release, so give yourself a tropical ride through thrown knuckles.