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Thrill Rush 2 is a free game for girls playing online at You can play Thrill Rush 2 in your browser for free. Go back in the car for your life journey!
Thrill Rush
The Thrill Rush game is great if you love theme parks, especially roller coaster rides. The faster and more crazy, the better. Though Thrill Rush’s adventure is a nightmare in an amusement park! In each episode, try a new roller coaster. But when you get to the top, the lifting mechanism explodes! Your car is separated from the rest and thrown to the rails! Dodge the pieces that fall from the decoration and the holes in the track jump and dodge in time. Can you get to the end of the slide without being pulled from your car? Collect money along the way so you can unlock fun new slides and customize your character. In later editions of Thrill Rush, you can also switch between day and night mode and you can play the spin wheel to get extra prizes! Watch our free Thrill Rush game and enjoy these dangerous adventures at an amusement park!

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