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Snow Line:

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Play Snowline, a fun Christmas detour, helping Santa collect gifts.

Draw the path so that the Santa sled can collect each of the gifts and not fall. Press the green key at the moment to start! Representation: Oh no! About the reindeer hiccups have scattered shows throughout Europe. Santa Claus has given the reindeer the day off from work to recover and must gather the gifts in time for Christmas. Draw the string with the mouse to take Santa to the missing gifts.

Snow Line

God helps us! Santa’s gifts spread all over the mountains covered with carpets! Help Santa to pick up each gift with a white line as a course for him to follow. Link the blessings to gather them. Draw a gentle trip to Santa against the banner. You only have one white pen with limited ink to draw the headline, so make it short. Take care not to get too close to the obstacles in the way you could throw the sled. Have a good time-saving Christmas!

Santa Claus has a terrible cold this year. It’s bad that he gasped and huge amounts of gifts flew all over the North Pole! Currently, it is up to Mrs. Claus to reunite them in this crazy Christmas fashion. You can help with the illustration of some lines and inclinations that allow your sled to cross the Arctic.