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Snail Bob 2 is back and it’s the grandfather’s birthday association or forgets it! Use the devices and the perceptions given to control Snail Bob safely through a dangerous forest …

An insecure forest is between Snail Bob and his grandfather’s birthday party! You need to understand how to take it safely. Miniature Bob 2 is fun of puzzles where you should allow the snail to weave through insecure forests and safely move across a large group of obstacles to give your beloved grandfather. Birthday gift and go to your birthday party. Help the movement of the snail move beyond the obstacles and stay away from risky things by indicating and clicking on the start.

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Observe each dimension at that time, plan and clear a course for the snail’s movement, as it will of course move on to the wrong path and you will not be able to act quickly. You can play this fun in the workspace or versatile so you can play at home or develop.

Snail Bob is a logic of critical thinking based on a state of good material science games at Didi Games. The goal is to control Bob from the starting point to the end point of each dimension. Children must learn by trying to get Bob to the finish. Each dimension will present a completely different test with multiple switches, signs, and instruments to be used to conclude.

This time you will help Bob experience a dangerous forest lying between him and his grandfather’s birthday party! Think legitimately about handling it through test levels filled with dangerous obstacles. Use devises to explore Bob in all dimensions of his adventure. Activate systems that span to cross obstacles and reach the exit. Use the mouse to control the bob. Turn items to run the surveys everywhere or drag the forms.