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Sieger Level Pack:

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Free online games Level Pack – As a siege manager, you must kill all citizens’ defenders and save the peaceful peasants … Play Sieger Level Pack.

As a Siege Administrator, you must kill all the protections of the mansion and free the calm workers by carefully selecting palace support sites to crush them. Take the house in smaller shots to get the decorations: clear, decisive and brilliant victory. Take money boxes for an extra score!

The fewer shots, the better.

Sieger Level Pack

The level editor allows you to create and share your own custom dimensions. Check out the people’s empire to play the levels sent by the client.

The level package for Sieger 2 has arrived!

Understand questionable puzzles in 41 new dimensions! Complete them in a few shots as possible to win better prizes. Fun also includes Castle Builder reviewer where you can create your own dimensions and offer them to others! Transfer your structures and see if you can turn demonstrations off other players.

Sieger Level Pack is an entertaining fun that you can play here on Didigames in your program. Sieger Level Pack works with Flash to work quickly in any current application. The Sieger Level Pack is available on your PC and as an iOS application. This diversion has been played several times and has achieved a rating of 8.7 out of 10 for 82 people. In case you are looking forward, you make a point to play the same way with our other entertainment activities or with Sieger 2.
Sieger: Level Pack is another of Anton Fedoruk’s fun mansions. Crush each slot with your shot to collect fortune and remove the hosts. Try to crush each mansion with as few shots as you can afford. Try not to kill the prisoners. Shoot shots on the strongholds to remove opponents that are covered.