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Shopaholic models
This is your chance to finish most models of shopaholics shopping abusers appearing in the mold world! See these incredible shops and find the most ideal business you can get: something beautiful at the lowest price!
Buy modern clothes and dress your model to make it look even more stunning! Shopaholic Models allow you to show off your fashion dances. Cut your hair into delicious locks and work in Vital Vitamins to make money! Shopaholic Models is one of our selected shopping games.
Put your way to the top of the modeling world in this costume game! Balance your budget as you tour the city’s shops to see all the most popular catwalk styles. Change work at local businesses to make more money for clothes and get free money bags on the pavement for a few extra dollars. Perform the side challenges so your supermodel career gets tracked.

Gold hair game. Want to be more beautiful with your hair? Want to learn how to prepare different hairstyles? Want to know how to use a pair of scissors, brushes, hair fibers or hair colors in different colors? Select a game from the side menu or in the pictures.


Mouse to buy and dress the models.

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