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Shape Switcher:

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Play Shape switcher at! Change shape and shade to fit the distinctive doors of this energizing puzzle. The form exchanger is completely free and does not require registration

Help our moving partner of Forms, find their hidden shady powers and shape change to open entrances and escape from the maze in this free online guessing game! Play 13 interesting dimensions that change shape.

Step-by-step instructions for playing Shape Switcher

There are red, green and blue tiles that change shade but it maintains its shape and there are square, circular and triangular tiles that change shape but retain their shadows. Essentially step on the tile to change mysteriously and transform into the key that is expected to open nearby.

Shape Switcher

There are items with symbols on them that show how to open them. Some require only one way to open, and others simply require the proper shade to pass, while others require the correct shape and proper shade.

The bright yellow star is your goal you need to reach to move to the next dimension. Shift shape and shadow organized appropriately to open ways to reach your goal and get it out of the castle in the castle.

There is an entertainment level test reader so you can create your own custom difficulties that you can share specifically with your companions or transfer to the server for various players to load and play.

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The base of Form Changer is what comes into contact with the ground, so keep the base of the player in the middle of a chip when you try to explore through tickets or dodge chips. As such, the totality of its body need not be within a tile, as only the player’s base is the place where the discovery is.

Press Reset if it stops and you need to start again, as you might be stuck in a room with the wrong shape or shadow of the items leaving the vehicle if you take the turntable incorrectly.
The tan is not a shade that you have to match, and the shaking of the radiation is not a form you have to coordinate (make an effort not to confuse a triangle with lightning strikes). At the end of the day, you only need to coordinate the incision of lightning shots, and the cinnamon-colored entries only require the correct way to open.