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Run Ninja Run 2:

Didi Games Run Ninja Run 2

Keep Running Ninja! Jump and duck obstacles while collecting money for upgrades in this 2D-controlled console looking over the ninja-themed obstruction corridor.

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This is an exciting fun activity. You can play it here at Run Ninja Run 2 has achieved 125,569 plays and has achieved a score of 8.9 out of 10 for 2,665 people. The detour works with Flash for easy work in all advanced applications.

Run Ninja Run 2

Run Ninja Run again! That’s right … we’ve restored this serious collection of skills and reflexes. This time with 14 new personality dimensions, new skills, new smart things to use, new obstacles to maintaining a strategic distance and new skillful moves. Prepare for an activity trip and try to overcome all dimensions.

From threat with a suitable ninja! This deviation in Japanese activity will set your reaction rate under a magnifying glass. In each round, you have to drive, jump and slip past problems. You can also collect gold bars to use on distinctive renovations! Run Ninja Run 2 is one of our selected Ninja Games.

Run Ninja Run 2 is a series of reflexes and experiences. Use your ninja skills to run, jump and cut your enemies. Appreciate!

Control: Arrows = Hop / Swipe, Spacebar = Cut opponents

How are your fun and reflection skills? Run Ninja Run is here again with new smart things to use, new obstacles to stay away and new smart moves in new dimensions. Get ready for activity and try to overcome all dimensions!

In this free web-based fun, your ninja helps run to escape the opponents and dodge the deterrent. Go through the arrow to jump, arrow down to slide under an obstacle, and the spacebar to attack an opponent in your experience. Appreciated this fun flash is running fun.