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Ragdoll Achievement 2:

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Ragdoll Achievement 2, the second part of the ragdoll performance. Several things to take advantage of the simulated test. Could you negotiate the most extreme damage and win all the results achieved?

Try different weapons like mines, quills, crossbows and more in Ragdolls. Try to get all the achievements that give you money and upgrade approaches. Test a stock of ammunition weapons in a progression of ragdolls to complete each of the results in the deviation.

Ragdoll Achievement 2

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Ragdoll Achievement 2 is a very planned ragdoll fun. See it on GGkids.Net specifically in your program. The detour is made with the innovation of Flash to continue to function smoothly in the current programs. This deviation has been played several times and has achieved a score of 9.1 / 10 for 1,055 people. If you have the opportunity to play Ragdoll Achievement 2, dedicate yourself to playing our other Ragdoll or Ragdoll Achievement and Water Ragdoll 2 recreation.

Ragdoll Achievement 2 is the second version of the famous ragdoll fun game where you play as a researcher who has to bother and detonate bad dool and try out several types of weapons. It is not just a direct torture pain where you have to kill someone for good times. In this detour, you must complete distinctive tours and missions to win.

As stated in the scale of the damage you get cash. You can use this money to open new units and weapons with the argument that, contrary to the beginning of the perimeter, each of them is closed. The more you win, the more instruments you can open. Remember that when you touch the game, you do not have control over the circumstances. Your ragdoll will collapse and you should do the phase in such a way that your wrist suffers the greatest damage. Ragdoll Achievement 2 is an extremely wonderful flash of fun and I am sure you will appreciate it without a doubt. Mess with us. How Much Damage Can You Do At This Meeting With Accident Traps?

Ragdoll Achievement 2 is here, the unexpected expected result of torture fun fun. Make some odd tests with your accident test again using a wide variety of dangerous weapons to complete each great achievement. Very funny!