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Princess Tea Party:

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Princesses Tea Party is a free game for girls playing online at You can play the Disney Princesses Tea Party for free in your browser. Hi girls, the lovely Rapunzel has a bitch! Want to be invited? Do you know who is going to be there? The amazing frozen Elsa! Princess Kimberly arranges a tea party at the castle! All the other princes and princesses are invited; So she should be as glamorous as the host. Let’s choose the best dress for Kimberly and find matching accessories!
It’s tea time! You are invited to a magical tea party. Dress the princess with her best fashion for the apartments, customize and color her wheelchair and choose the magical companions that you would like to accompany you. You can even choose how you want to create the space and mood you need to set. A lovely gift, courtesy of the Missangest!

Two princesses who have nothing to do before the knights strike together and kill dragons to win their love, always resort to tea to talk about the last types of their lives. A princess thinks it is unfortunate for the poor who were born without luxury or love, and the other princess wants gold, gold, gold! What kind of princess are you?

How to Play Princess Tea Party
Use the mouse to interact!

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