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Max Damage 3:

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A free detour of web-based Didi Games Max Damage 3: Max has grown up and comes back with new and devastating toys that include rockets, TNT and a jetpack. Play Max Damage 3.

Throw the shots on the family unit (and the TNT rods) and advance the required measurement of damage in each dimension.

Fireballs on televisions, microwaves, ice chambers and other things in the family unit to cause the predetermined measurement of damage. Try to get three stars in each of the 50 levels. He works in an electronics store and is exhausted with his work so he has to be solved. Shoot balls and other things on ice cameras, televisions, microwaves, and other things. Quit much damage to things.

Max Damage 3

Max is an adult and comes back with new and dangerous toys that include rockets, TNT and a jetpack. With more than 50 dimensions, a large group of new weapons, up-to-date illustrations, crazy new tunes, and results and star ratings, it’s the greatest maximum damage yet!

Much time was invested in structuring the test levels and including new highlights and trying to make it the most ideal variant. The entrance is appreciated

New dimensions are available! Shoot cannonballs and try to crush every single thing! Fridge, plasma TV, microwave.

This third deal’s agreement will require you to properly use the gun to send shots to wipe out the piles of squares to clear each dimension of fun. The scale highlights 50 energizing and progressively problematic dimensions. You need to present Flash Player to play fun of puzzles based on the science of material Max Damage!

Max Damage 3 detour is played on more than 50 levels, in each dimension, three stars can be converted. Shooting stuff ends every dimension. The expansion of the dimension will create problems in the next dimensions. Fun is played only with the mouse. Sound and artwork are basic.