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Mad Arrow:

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Mad Arrow is an addictive fun of pinnacle guard made by didi games. Place warriors with bow and sword skills to protect your fortune from the brutal attack. This is merciless! Control: mouse. Sword Games · Guard · Soldier Games · Archery Games.

Frantic Arrow is an addictive highlight protection fun made by DidiGames. Place warriors with bow and sword battle against the ability to protect your fortune from the brutal attack. This is merciless! Place swords and toxophilites on the way to your gold to kill the wilds that have previously robbed you. Each fuse has a cost, and if you don’t have enough money in cash, the device is delivered. You make money when one of your safeguards murders an enemy unit. In case the opponent discovers how to take most of his gold, it is fun past.

Mad Arrow

They were after your gold. If you do not find a smooth way to protect it, you will lose your fortune. Make officers and try to keep the brutes busy at the point where the control runs out. Protect your base and make sure your gold! This is the Mad Arrow diversion company. Tap your watchers and drag them to the best possible place. Use the lock keys or drag the mouse to see the battle guide. Press the spacebar to stop. In case your gold is looted by the opponents, you will lose the detour. Keep the gold as much as possible you win. Prepare the archers and swordsmen to protect the Roman fortunes from the wild attack!

The archers, as well as the swordsmen and other giant warriors prepared to risk their lives to secure the treasure, are the group that will protect the rule. Transfer them as indicated in an activity event, but do not waste disproportionate time in your organization or the enemy will have an exceptional favorable position. Your commitment to this deviation from the method is to protect the valuable wealth of the opponents who come. The best strategy is likely to be placing some toxophyllite near fortune and placing some warriors next to them. Together, they will be solid and you will most likely win.

Protect your fortune from the marauders. Transfer your military to protect it and maintain its abundance until the end of each round to continue with the next. The most effective method of playing: Select a device to be sent from the motherboard. It fits anywhere on the screen to put these devices. Every bandit that murder serves you gold to prepare more troops.
The old-fashioned kingdom is at war. Get the soldiers to fight!