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Learn To Fly:

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Learn to fly in the Didigames games: Take your light aircraft, tie your rockets and discover how to fly! Help this penguin to fly as different flying creatures. Buy money and buy to get on the water.

This present penguin had enough life on earth and has to discover how to fly! Get rid of the slope and purchase inspection so you can get through the water. Use the left and right bolt keys to control your advantage in the flight. When buying rockets, hold the spacebar pressed to activate them.

Use the lock keys to change the point of your penguin. Collect money that flies higher and faster. Buy promoters and tap space to use them. Once you have the influence of space, pass each new test in reward fun modes!

Learn To Fly

Use the lock keys to change the edge of your penguin. Lean forward to move faster and back to the height. Collect money that flies longer and faster. Buy sponsors and tap into space to use them. Crush on the snowman for extra money.

TIP: Don’t go too fast or you’ll waste your energy!

Send the penguin as much as possible, can you get all the updates? If you like this detour, you also have a chance to play Learn to fly idle and learn how to fly 3, the latest versions!

Finding out how to fly is a great detour for penguins. You can play it directly on Didigames in your program, for nothing. Discover how to fly is made with Flash innovation to work easily in many applications. Find out how Fly has scored 85,506 moves and scored 9.3 / 10 with 991 votes. Want to play Learn to fly? At that time we are investigating our other penguin deviations or between Ice Penguin and Zombies versus Penguins 2.

Find out how to fly 2 is the amazing continuation of the first fun of flying a penguin! Our legend about the penguins has had a catastrophic accident in Antarctica and he is recovering in a healing plant. He uses a fake penguin to improve his flight procedure and you should encourage him. Every day, take the descent and send your penguin down the slope to try to make long, noticeable separations around.
After each shipment, you can buy hardware, such as improved sledges, rocket packages, payloads and aircraft aids. In addition, you can improve the length and height of your slope and buy extra fuel for your rocket. Try to develop your penguin hardware and do an overly fast and flexible shipping job that allows you to earn a great daily salary! What maximum scores could you reach? Will you be able to open most of the results achieved?