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GGKids Games Kawairun:

Kawairun is at didigames.org with a different form and progress … To play the fun as two players, move to dimension 2. After moving to dimension 2, you can go to the foreground with “Multiplayer” capture.

Kawairun is in didi games with a different version and various advances … There is an alternative to playing online fun among the new features. You will be ready to play with the partner you are playing. You can acquire money and approaches by winning career, building your character and your dimension with this cash and focus achieved. Press the “Play” button after many fun. If you need to play the fun as a visitor, tap the catch “Play as a guest”. Press “Play” capture. Press “Single game” and then “Crusade” capture.


At that time, tap the primary segment and start the detour. Another option is to play with a tap recorded in the “Record” recording. Compose the epithelium you need in the deviation of the primary space, your secret word to the second space, and finally your secret key again for the third. Also press “Sign up” again to get the detour. You can buy things for fun, such as characters, dresses, gems and more with the money you get in the way by tapping the “Store” capture. Kawai is an enthusiastic person. When he runs, he is as optimistic as a baby. Also, when it falls, it cries hysterically.

To play the fun as two players, go up to dimension 2. After climbing to dimension 2, you can go to the foreground with the recording of “Multiplayer”. Select the person with whom you must compete against the summary in the screen privilege. You can go to the room with your companion by clicking “Yes” in the exchange window. At that time, you can start the quest by pressing the “Ready” catch. Or, on the other hand, you can coordinate naturally with a player by clicking on the “VS” catch.

You can configure the look of your legends, dressed with the arrow keys, by tapping the “Sprinter” tab in the main menu.