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Protect the blue jams from the red hats. Collect jam structures to create more units. When you are ready to go, go to your Jelly Go to attack and beat your enemies with fun.

Go Jelly is a diversion system with a unique idea that you need to support Blue jelly (gelatin beads) to catch red jams, unload their thick vitality. Taking the idea of game thaw barrier resembling Kingdom Rush, you have the ability to assemble and build your “structures” to acquire capacity. The design of this deviation of flames is wonderful and you also have the opportunity to present your score online to compete with different players on the website.

It is another of those games where you are entrusted with the command of your opponent’s entire base to win each round. It begins moderately and extremely easily, but dimensions become increasingly difficult, sooner or later, Jelly affects to become addictive! When it’s quiet, the war is currently immersing itself to the kingdom of Jelly. Like the brilliant blue jams, the fixed catch indicates and determines a military interpretation of the energetic armed force in the red jam. Move quickly and consciously to protect your family members.

Welcome to the jelly world. Evil enemies have plans to assault and tear your kingdom. Your goal is to make weapons and structures to protect the kingdom jelly. Recruit new entities and try to defeat enemy countries. Use your mouse and click on its base, click anywhere else to send your devices there. Click once to send half your forces, click twice to send everyone. Go and catch all the negative structures in each dimension to move on to the next. Each dimension is more serious than the previous one.

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Welcome to the latest fun that our group has organized for you, to a wonderfully puzzled fun where we invite you to join us in the kingdom of jelly, as these little guys really need your help. These adorable blue jams lived happily in their kingdom when they were attacked by red jams, which are very evil and must take control of the realm of the blue gelatin.

The ruler of Blue Jellies gathered all around to enlighten them on the abominable run of Jelly Red, and he proposed to fight them with all that you have, and basically, your children, all you have is that they go. To help you with this important mission. This fun, Jelly Go, is a great fun puzzled, and only those who are very talented in these amazing performances are ready to complete this fun. Each dimension has some basic guidelines that you must follow until you become familiar with the rules. We wish you all the best and have an extraordinary time in the Blue Jellies kingdom!