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Intrusion based on the free web of Intrusion into five dimensions of cold mountains, mechanical buildings and floating trains like your bat. Play Interruption.

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This is a first-class skill deviation. It is usually played on specifically in your program, not at all. The interruption is played by 8,457 people and has achieved a score of 9.0 out of 10 for 126 people. It is fun fed by Flash to continue working in current programs. In case you appreciate playing fun, you should also play our other skill abilities or and Escaping The Prison.


A great fun side-scrolling activity that feels a lot like Heli Attack. Knockdown opponents and the sky is the limit from there! Drag the warriors and robots as you drive over the wolves’ backs (sometimes) in this 40 MB action game. A confusing person has been caught in a secret building. Surveillance cameras see everything. Strive to find an exit.

Play the other part of Intrusion, a grand detour that looks aside and has a fast pace. Help the legend penetrate into an ancestral plane to defeat various external units and their pioneers. Go through the dangerous stage, decimate or move elements based on the science of the material to overcome the disadvantages and shoot all opponents before they perform you. Appreciate intrusion 2.

You were transferred to a cold district and your goal is to clear the region and take it yourself. Blast your way through 5 levels of intrusion! Explore your direction and get weapons! Shoot all opponents who see an attempt to maintain a strategic distance from the units.

The interruption is an activity full of lateral gaze on a deflection of shots with knowledge of rag material. In this fun, you take control of a solidified hired fighter whose purpose is to kill all the soldiers and wipe out various opponents like robots and vehicles. The detour highlights 5 levels, including the underlying cold mountain level. The detour also includes dimensions of mechanical buildings and floating trains, among others. Have fun and appreciate the constant activity!