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The great and elegant piranha has returned and is hunger than any other time! Eat the angles, lower the jet skis and watch out for white sharks or floating jellyfish. Feed Us 3 is a perverted activity fun made by Pyrozen. Hungry? It’s time to encourage us!

Control: mouse

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Feed Us 3 is an excellent entertainment activity. Watch it at Didi Games especially on your show, not at all from your pocket. This deviation has been played several times and has achieved a score of 9.1 out of 10 with 322 votes. This amazing entertainment activity works with Flash to work quickly in current programs. Did you enjoy playing these fun activities? At that time, examine our other recreational activities or Feed Feed 5 and Feed Us.

Feed Us 3

The large and elegant piranha has returned and is more hungry than ever in recent memory! Eat angles, lower watercraft and pass on white sharks or jellyfish. Feed Us 3 is a ridiculous fun made by Pyrozen. Hungry? It’s time to feed!

(+13) Piranha is back more hungry than at any other time! Inspire willing to swim and hunt people to develop your piranha as big as possible! Beware of the sea animals, the incredible white shark and the jellyfish going on! You can collect cash boxes to get extra time and reach your goals.

Welcome to FEED US 3 fun! Welcome to the third piece of this amazing and ruthless fun! Fun is only suggested for those with a firm stomach and for people who like ruthless pleasures like this. Your message corresponds to the two previous paragraphs, only that the distinction in this section is that you should focus on the breeze, the weather and the current one. The task will be to sink a certain number of ships and take very human blood so you will attack them as they fall into the water. Focus on sharks, they can eat you, jellyfish can consume you and speedboats can cut you. You can update your pirana you can check: seeds, thorns, jaws, scales, and fins. Therefore, your piranha will have the ability to quickly knock down people from your watercraft, it will be a faster and more dominant bite and much faster to move. Design, liveliness and unpleasant sounds of this amazing fun will surprise you. The fun is planned for children over the age of 18. We wish you much fun! Instructions: Use the mouse to play.

In fact, piranha is back with a tinge of greater hunger. This set of three activities gives new difficult goals, with some new obstacles. Now you need to pay attention to the sea animals, the extraordinary white shark and the jellyfish! As a performance, you can also collect cash boxes, giving you an extra opportunity to reach your goals. Immerse yourself in this fun and compelling fun and appreciate the ridiculous activity.