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Discount Mayonnaise:

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Blast your way through swarms of enemies that you escape from a Goliath beast snake. (13 +).

Drive! Snipe! Sacrifice! Bounce! Drive! Drive! Snipe! Buy SHIT! Drive! Snipe! Drive! Bounce!

This detour is pretty hard!


  • Key bolt to move, room to shoot.
  • or on the other hand (adjustable set):
  • WASD to move, k to shoot

Discount Mayonnaise

You can use the mouse or console to explore the menus. Go farther and deeper into the mountain by tapeworms! Buy new items, collect weapons and destroy gut in this fast-paced action game!

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Markdown’s universe is not beautiful, pious. There are these terrible white animals riding on your ass and doing everything to turn you into worship. And each of these wet blankets defends the attempt to get you back! In the extent of the maize discount is “simple” so far idiot. Fortunately, you can change your character for greater disagreement, and shoot your focus on progress. May the refund be the spread you will always remember!

Buy new items, collect weapons and destroy gut in this fast-paced action game! Use the A, D or bolt keys to coordinate your character. W or up to jump and press twice to jump twice. Press the spacebar to shoot.

This is an extraordinary action platform game that makes you sit on the edge of your seat. You can customize your player and check your weapons. Run through each dimension, knock down the evil ones as you run from monster finery.