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Diner City is an intelligent entertainment system. Choose Sushi Bar or Burger Restaurant and redesign with the new appliances to reach the goal faster than most of your rivals. Choose your type of restaurant and redesign with the new machines to reach the goal of faster money than your competitor. There are two restaurant opponents in town.Image result for Diner City games

One is the hamburger house, the other is a Chinese restaurant. Choose one and try to improve the income of your opponent. Each restaurant has a certain number of seats and estimates earnings per share. Client. Try to keep them high and update your restaurant normally. Keep the restaurant clean and achieve an effective goal. When you’re ready, click the PLAY tab to call customers.
The only thing that is important in one way or another is that you contribute admirably to your benefits to ensure that you have overcome the challenge. Wake up your hamburger and add attractions so customers are eager to attend. Include new sources of income through a store kiosk or a frozen yogurt machine. Meanwhile, the opposite side is trying to do the same.

The attractive location of the attractions and detours will be important to change considerably the increase of customers towards the passage of their restaurant by cheap food. It’s a ruthless business, so don’t hesitate to remove the other person. Take advantage and show what the company looks like here in Diner City!