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Bubble Spinner 2:

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Bubble Spinner 2

The sequel to the highly addictive Match Bubble Spinner 2 game is as addictive as its predecessor, so if you liked the first game you will love it. The game is pretty much the same. You have your bubble formation in the center of the screen and your bubble print at the top of the screen. The purpose of the game is to clean the bubbles by creating groups of three or more bubbles by shooting bubbles from the shooter against the formation. When you create a group, the bubbles are removed. However, look at the gray circles at the bottom left of the screen. When the gray circles disappear, several bubbles go along with the formation. When you hit the formation with your bubbles, the formation turns. That’s what makes the game so difficult. If the formation reaches the sides of the game screen, it will no longer rotate and the game will end. All these things apply to both games. the difference between the two? This starts much, much easier.

Like the first game, Bubble Spinner 2 has to deal with patience and planning. If you want to do well in this game, think about the future. You have to look at the bubble you have to shoot as well as the following bubbles in the tail and determine your best move with all these things in mind. As with the first game in the series, there is no time limit. It’s okay to take your time. If you hurry, you won’t do as well as you could if you took a moment or two to see the whole picture. In this game, you start with bubbles of light blue, green and yellow, but as you go, new colors are added and when things start to become difficult. The first level is not that difficult to overcome. The second level is a little more challenging and from there, only the difficulty rises. For this reason, this game is perfect for anyone who has found the first too difficult.

The reason why Bubble Spinner 2 is so good for kids is that it really eases them to the toughest levels, making the sequel much more attractive to younger children than the original game. This three shooter game is great because it gives all the educational benefits of the first game without being so difficult from the start that children lose interest. This game helps your kids learn to be patient when they try to reach a goal and learn to see a problem and find the solution. As progress in the game and things begin to become more difficult, they will begin to learn more and more. The biggest advantage of the game, however, is that it shows them that learning can be fun.

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Bubble Spinner 2 is definitely one of the best bubble shooter games you will probably be surprised to get this type of game and you curse yourself for not having received this game before.
And probably if you have Bubble Spinner 2 for the first time, it’s very safe to go another 12 hours to play and practice to become an expert in this.
But don’t spoil the soul of the game; to keep busy playing Bubble Spinner 2; You need to protect the ride in order to play again at times when you need entertainment.
If you don’t like Bubble Spinner 2 and feel there should be something different than that, put your nose into other parts of the game, we hope you get your taste and mood.