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Develop a Bloom Defender, a type of tree guarded so that the mother tree protects them from the essential spirits. Be vital and throw innovative magic to weaken the essential spirits and influence their behavior. You must clean them before they reach the fashion tree!

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Bloom Defender is a small redirection procedure where Mother Nature lost its parity and the cunning spirits must be fought. Secure the last moral and plant trees along the way or clear the terrible vitality by using supernatural magic. Sprout Defender is an easy tip protection distraction where you have to reject disgusting spirits by developing different trees. Intuitive flowers near the road to plant trees and water the trees to update them. Planting and watering the trees requires vitality, which is collected by damaging and performing spirits. You can also run spirits by spelling magic on them. Spelling does not cost vitality but reserves the opportunity to activate before you can use them again. Try not to allow a large number of spirits to reach the expansive tree towards the end of the road. Who’s back to fight the forest’s mines? trees

Experience your tower with dangerous trees to protect your impenetrable oak. Cast spells to get away from dead heads and upgrade your trees to achieve the greatest green destruction! The purpose is to protect the mother tree from the evil spirits going along the road to contact her. Adjust and draw a growth close to how you plant a tree in games want to play more games click here. At that time, press the capture button to call the next wave of insidious spirits. Between the waves, use the water to plant new trees or update existing ones. In the middle of the wave, click on the evil spirits to use their extraordinary essential forces.