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Betsy’s Crafts Painting:

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Betsy’s Crafts Painting is a true craftsman and shines entirely when you need to complete something inventive. This time you have the opportunity to encourage and appreciate the decision-making process and enjoy the impressive sand painting.

Take on your beach clothes, put on some sunscreen and be creative in Betsy’s studio! Help Betsy create sandstone works. Choose a picture and try to reproduce it with colored sand. Don’t hurry and do it carefully to get the best results!

You can make beautiful, colorful paintings alive in Betsy crafts … all you need is something true!

How to Play Betsy’s Crafts: Sand Painting

Betsy focuses on the beach in this new art game. Gather your equipment and go to the studio to have creative fun with a summer atmosphere. Choose one of the beautiful Betsy pictures, take some glue and come to work. Make patterns with glue and sand to fully customize your photo. Isn’t he sweet enough? Buy different pictures and many more sand colors for the best artwork. Choose a frame that fits your image, prints it, save it or set it up as your avatar.

Barbie games for girls

Barbie is love and passion for almost any girl. The dollhouses, the changing room, the kitchen, the makeup items and all the things associated with a doll are part of a teenage girl’s dream. As well as saying that diamonds are the best friends of girls in the same way as a doll is the best companion of a beautiful girl’s childhood.

Times have changed, but the dolls’ reign seems still difficult to assume. But without a doubt, although dolls are the queen of all toys for girls, there are a large number of games on the market that have been specially designed and made for girls.

Girls’ games seem to be the new fantasy that attracts and fascinates the girls. When the scenes go around, a girl’s choice and taste have undergone a drastic change. Girls games are no exception. Homes and kitchens, dressing rooms and dresses still love every doll’s accessories and stuff, but they are certainly not limited to them. Barbie always knows the mind of a girl so Barbie games have crossed the boundaries of a drawing room and cooking for girls. The Didi Games in some children’s games can see their desires fulfilled in some of the very dynamic games. Tribal War is one of the games created for girls.