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Barbie is cooking an extravagance cake loaded up with gorgeous, scrumptious cream and designed with glossy, fantastic jewels. This cooking creation reflects Barbie’s Diamond Cake enthusiasm for excellence, sparkle and detests couture mold. Enliven the most gleaming and extravagance cake with your most loved Barbie doll.

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Barbie is assembling a sumptuous looking cake iced with scrumptious cream and finished with glossy precious stones, gold, and roses! Barbies Diamond Cake is a charming cooking design amusement. Barbie is cooking an extravagance cake loaded up with gorgeous, delectable cream and finished with glossy, spectacular precious stones. This cooking creation reflects Barbies enthusiasm for magnificence, sparkle and high fashion design. Design the most glossy and extravagance.

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Barbie is a genuine princess, known for her magnificence and for her abilities at very anything. We might want to welcome you to attempt the most recent amusement with her that we have quite recently transferred, Barbie Diamond Castle Rocks, and we trust that you are eager. What you have to do in this new diversion, so as to help charming Barbie to sing and become familiar with some progressively new tunes, is to get all the melodic notes sent towards you. You should move your MOUSE cursor from left to right, fill in those jewels, and ensure you get every one of the notes.