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Barbie Spa Makeover:

Barbie Spa Makeover:

Barbie Diamond Spa Makeover is an online game you can play at for free. A fabulous facial makeup game with Barbie! The beautiful blonde doll is very careful when it comes to taking care of her skin, and that is what keeps her always young and bright. One of his secrets of spa treatment is the diamond mask. She wears diamonds on a pink cherry mask to get a bright look. Help her apply secret creams, chocolate masks, and therapeutic diamonds. You can also learn to shave your eyebrows and get rid of annoying pimples. Everything in Barbie

Enjoy the fun Barbie diamond makeover, where she uses especially large secret creams on her face to recreate her youth and beauty. Barbie never gets old when she discards her diamonds for this amazing makeover at a spa!

This is a wonderful face change with Barbie! Make the most of the fun change of the Barbie gemstone, where you use especially large cosmetic creams to restore your childhood and experience. Barbie never gets old when she changes her precious stones to this incredible makeover of Barbie Diamond Spa!
The Barbie princess of pearls possesses countless gems with her. She would give these beads to the one who gives her a good spa. She is very frustrated by her servant’s monotonous creativity. Therefore, he has chosen you to be your cosmetologist. Today is a holiday for the princess, so you can take your own time. Illuminate facial lotions and face creams. Trim the princess’s eyebrows. Remove pimples that are an obstacle to their beauty. Rinse the face well with water after applying the creams. When you finish the spa you will have to make the princess’s makeover. Dress her with the beautiful dresses. Beautify it using cosmetics such as earrings, bracelets and necklaces etc. Apply a suitable dress to suit your appearance and skin. You can be sure that the princess will give you gems to complete the spa.

How to Play Barbie Diamond Spa Makeover
Use your mouse to apply spa treatments to Barbie’s face.