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The desserts are the best, at the Bakery House, that is why we are very busy in all cases. Help us with our customers, make sure your orders and participate in time before they get tired of taking a break. Increase the goal of daily life and move on to the next dimension. Good fortunes

The Busy Bakery House is fun where you control a whole store, from drinks to sweets. However, you have to be flexible in view of the fact that this bakery is the best in town and people come from many miles to eat some delicacies! Making your goal of the day is to stay with this true mass. Click on things in your request at that time, click on the client to serve things. Every day you need to reach a goal if you do not achieve the goal, you will find that the store should close! Help organize them so you can earn the money you expect to keep the store open!

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Today we have transferred a completely different detour to you where you will have to do so many interesting things by joining our partner, MarĂ­a, in her fun bakery house. What you have to do is join her step by step and make sure every last fragment of her clients gets the best cake on the spot.