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Baby Hazel Gardening Time:

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Baby Hazel Gardening Time is a free game for girls playing online at You can play Baby Hazel Gardening Time in your browser for free. Baby Hazel really wants to improve her farming and gardening skills in particular. You must help the nice girl to use the tools and objects correctly to be able to handle a beautiful boutique for her mother.
Baby Hazel will plant and grow a garden. Players will participate in gardening clothing, accessories, and tools. Help for excavation, planting, and irrigation. Win the game by simply facilitating a fairy tale in the garden for the sweet girl and completing each of the four levels.
Level one
First, players will identify appropriate protective clothing and gardening equipment. Suggestions are given in the middle of the screen for the correct options. After choosing clothes and accessories, the basic needs of the plants must be identified. Pictures of water, air, sun, and earth must match. Finally, you need to choose tools and gardening to plant and grow roses.

Level two
The next level requires the garden plot to be ready to plant. The thought bubbles appear in the air with picture suggestions for the next necessary tool. Help rake the earth, but be prepared to calm down with a rattle if a worm makes a surprising look. The seeds should be planted, covered and watered with a shower. While waiting for the plants to grow, you help get a palette and take a break. When the roses bloom, attention must go to help with the garden. The insects must be sprayed, picked from the plants and placed in a jar. Then the water helps the garden with the hose. Finally, tomatoes, eggplants, and roses harvest in cubes.

Level three
Players will use the cursor to drag and drop items to review which tools are used. They will place each tool in the right room. Players must select and put things in the right order to show knowledge of the plant sequence.

Level four
Baby Hazel wants to make a gift basket for mother. The articles must be delivered from the crop to place them in a basket. Eggplant, tomatoes, and roses enter the basket. Follow the suggestions of the thought bubbles while watching the mood of the beloved child. You may need a bottle of milk or a teddy bear to keep the happiness gauge full. A sweet note is placed at the top and the game is complete.
How to play:
It’s time to learn Baby Hazel, how to grow a rose plant. Baby Hazel has a garden in the backyard and wants to grow different flowers and vegetables there. Show Baby Hazel all about gardening and plant a rose with it. First, help him identify the conditions of gardening. It involves the necessary costumes, accessories, tools, and supplies. Then dig dirt and plant a rose. Also, learn Baby Hazel to do an insect treatment. Finally, make a surprising boutique for your mother.

Use the mouse to interact with Baby Hazel. Enjoy!