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Baby Hazel Bed Time:

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Baby Hazel Bed Time is a free game for girls playing online at You can play Baby Hazel Bed Time in your browser for free. It’s Baby Hazel’s bedtime routine! Here you have the opportunity to help Baby Hazel in her sleeping activities.

Baby Hazel Bed Time is a game where you help Baby Hazel participate in various activities at bedtime. She has to brush her teeth, bathe, tell a bedtime story and much more. Being a baby, he will probably wake up in the middle of the night, but he must put her back to bed.

The stars shine in the sky and the night looks beautiful in the moonlight. Baby Hazel is now ready to go to bed, but before that, she has to bend her teeth and bathe. Help Hazel do his activities before going to bed. Make a bed for her and pamper the girl by telling her interesting stories. If the bad dream scares Hazel, kiss her and play lullabies.

Baby Hazel activities before sleep

As the moon looks and the stars flash, it’s time for Baby Hazel to lie and enjoy sweet dreams. She must brush and pray before going to bed. Help the little angel in his bedtime activities and dress him in comfortable sleeping clothes.

The bed makes Baby Hazel

For a comfortable and deep sleep, the bed should be prepared for Baby Hazel. Make a bed for her by holding a blanket, a pillow, and some toys.

Baby Hazel bedtime stories

Baby Hazel feels tired, but before deep sleep, she will hear an interesting story about Little Red Riding Hood. Pamper her with kisses and cuddles as she fears a wolf while listening to the story. Your deep sleep is not affected by hunger, so don’t forget to give her milk.

Dreaming of fear Hazel baby

The sweet and small hazelnut has deep and deep sleep. But a wolf in history still lives in his mind and therefore sees a wolf in his dreams. Stay with the angel all night and watch her as she is scared and crying.
It’s Time for Baby’s Bedtime Routine Hazel! Here you have the opportunity to help Baby Hazel in her sleeping activities. The first thing before you go to bed is hygiene. Brush your teeth and take a bath. Then you have to make a bed for her. Finally, tell your favorite story until you go to bed.

Use the mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and others.